The world is changing. The new risks and opportunities arise quickly. In the business of life, it is difficult to find time to sit back and reflect. So, we have created a safe space for you to experiment with new approaches, visions and products. In a structured manner and with the help of creative tools, we design scenarios and simulations that make you rethink your status quo, prepare and excite you for the unknown of tomorrows.



of the Uncertain


of the Futures

Trend Surfers

Surf the wave of change by scouting trends!

The world is ever-evolving. The fast tempo of innovation and change may leave one anxious and directionless. The ‘Trend Surfers’ program offers insight into current directions of change and gives tips on how to apply them in business and design. Learn how to spot and analyse signals of transformation, regain confidence, have fun and become the master Trend Surfer in 8 weeks!

What you will get:
→ a digital trend book with a list and descriptions of relevant trends to observe for your industry
→ a guidance booklet including tips on how to apply trends to your organisation
→ an online or in-person presentation where we share the information about the trends and give guidance on how to apply them

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Vision Weavers

Create a vision for the future that will get you moving!

There is no one tomorrow, but rather a spectrum of futures within reach. Depending on the actions we take and the products and services we create, we may propel one future or another into existence. In the ‘Vision Weavers’ program, we use the scenario planning method to help you identify the best possible vision for your organisation and the community you serve. With this future in mind, we assist you in defining a design problem that will accelerate your growth in the desirable direction.

What you will get:
→ a pdf report covering crucial trends to follow, the process of creating the scenarios, four custom scenarios for the future (including narratives and visuals) and a detailed description of the desirable scenario with the list of opportunities and risks
→ a workshop focused on exploring the desirable scenario with its risks and opportunities
→ a workshop focused on defining a design problem that, when solved, can help propel your vision into existence→ an online or in-person final presentation to share the process and the deliverables

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Uncertainty Tamers

Generate ideas by embracing uncertainty!

How can you remain relevant in times of uncertainty and rapid change? Technological innovations, social trends or new policies can influence our needs and wants. ‘Tamers of the Uncertainty’ is an immersive simulation game through which we explore a challenge that your organisation might face in the future. Think of it as a safe playground where you and your team get to play with new ideas, ask questions and dive head-first into the uncertainties of the future. You will finish the program with a set of generated ideas!

What you will get:
→ a pdf report containing the description of the process, scenario narratives with prompts, a list of the top 5 ideas
→ a pdf booklet containing all generated ideas
→ a white paper covering the game insights→ an online or in-person final presentation to share the process and the deliverables

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Masters of the Futures

Learn the skills and practices of futures thinking!

Are you interested in the foresight and futures thinking approach? Are you curious about how you can use it for your organisation and in your innovation work? In a 4-week course, we help you to become a Master of the Futures. Collect foresight badges, gain new skills and knowledge of a 21st-century innovation leader.*

What you will get:
→ 5-year access to course materials and methods
→ free access to Happy Hubs networks→ a physical ‘Master of the Futures’ badge
→ a pdf guidebook with a summary of the course, including tips on how to use the methods and involve foresight in the innovation process

*This is a group course for between 5-15 participants. Are you a part of a smaller or bigger group? Write to us so that we can customise the experience for you.

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